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Jason Bandlow
Jason Bandlow
Welcome to Following Gradients! This is the website and blog for Jason Bandlow. I’m a data-scientist / software engineer / mathematician / backpacker / runner / photographer / husband / uncle / son and some other things too.

My aim for this site is to share thoughts, pictures, explainers, trip reports, projects and anything else I think might be generally interesting or useful. I may not always succeed, but I’ll try my best to be clear, entertaining, and sincere.

The site name refers to a mathematical technique fundamental to machine learning. The concept is attempt to get to the top (or optimum value) of something by repeatedly taking small steps directly uphill (or in the direction of greatest change) from wherever you happen to be. Applied to life more generally, this seems like solid advice, even if it’s not always possible.

The site is made with Hugo and hosted on Netlify, both of which are excellent. In an effort to stretch my skills, the CSS is my own. The full repository is on Github.

Here I am at other places around the web:

  • LinkedIn
  • Github
  • Google Scholar – This has links to most of my published mathematical work. If you happen to be interested in something I’ve written that you can’t find, please let me know.
  • Twitter
  • Gmail: jbandlow@ Do you have questions you think I could answer? Comments on anything I’ve written? Please get in touch – I can’t promise I’ll be helpful, but I will respond with respect.